Add A Browser to Apple TV 4th Generation

An Apple TV is darn near a computer. What it is missing is a browser. There is a way to get a browser and without a doubt you’d be better off hooking up another computer or using Airplay to get a computer screen on your big screen TV but this project needs to be done just because it can be done.

First off grab a program called Xcode from the Apple App Store and install it. Every web page and video does not mention this however you have to edit a file later in the Xcode contents package. It would not let me edit for anything. I probably should have added my user name with full read and write permissions but it is what it is. It works.

Now right click on the Xcode app and change your permissions like so. Show Package Contents > Then Right Click on the Contents Folder and click Get Info > Then change the permissions as shown and apply to enclosed items as shown:
Stacks Image 1054
Stacks Image 1056
Stacks Image 1058
Now plug in your Apple TV and launch the program XCode. Click on “Source Control > Check Out
Stacks Image 1062
Now type in the following in the Repository Location:
Stacks Image 1066
Hit Next > Select Master Branch then hit Next > Download

From here follow the directions here, and watch the video linked from their page just below. If it doesn’t work follow down below the video on my page here for some additional help

Again if it gives you any grief about Provisioning Profiles do this below:

Stacks Image 1070
Stacks Image 1072
Stacks Image 1074
Not sure why they left that out but they did. Drove me crazy it did. Now it works.
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