iPad Pro Review

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I’ve had nearly every iPad since they first introduced the line in 2010. However, the iPad Pro is the first one I have ever had that was wifi and cellular. I don’t know how I lived without it. I’ll never get another iPad without cellular.

For me the iPad is a must have device. First of all it may be the best book reader on the planet. I like to read and I have a couple magazine subscriptions that I can’t live without.

The best use I’ve found for it though is work related. I work on a lot of old military gear that has hand held wiring drawings and schematics. It’s frustrating as all get out to take a paper drawing from the manual and try to follow a wire. Not so with an iPad. Zoom in real big on the wire and swipe, swipe, swipe. That feature alone will always make me want one.

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Next my iPad is my “Watch TV in bed device”. Hulu, Netflix, Sling. The iPad Pro makes this experience incredible. Enough said.
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First things first. This iPad is huge compared to the iPad Air. With the Logitech keyboard case it is bigger than my 12” Macbook, although quite a bit heavier, but of course I use it out of the keyboard case frequently.

I think one thing that is a little weird is that with all that extra real estate they use the same amount of icons per row, and per screen. Come on Apple! Let us use all that real estate.

Another initial problem I discovered is that the Spotify app is broken on the iPad Pro. The folks on the Spotify forum are discussing revolution. While it irritates me as well I’m sure they’ll have it straightened out soon.

Next is the cellular packages. While scrolling through the choices of data plans I noticed that the choices were AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, and GigSky. When selecting AT&T, a box pops up that says if you actually buy an AT&T plan then this iPad will forever and only be an AT&T iPad (unless you buy another SIM card).

I chose T-Mobile however if you want to add another plan someday now AT&T disappears as a choice. Kind of childish there AT&T.
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So after reviewing the plans I opted for T-Mobile. They have a plan called North America 5 Month 5GB Exclusive Pass for $10. So that boils down to 1GB per month.

What they don’t tell you is if you use that 5GB in a week you just buy another $10 pass for 5GB. Atsa what I’m a talking about. Right now I have a 2GB hotspot plan with Sprint for $20 a month and I buy a 2GB sim from AT&T I use in a homemade MiFi. So currently I’m paying $45 a month for 4GB.

Well now I’m paying $10 a month for 5GB and maybe, just maybe that $10 will last me longer than a month. Theoretically I have 5 months to use it in. That is awesome.

I never bought a cellular iPad before but I just knew that I’d have to buy an expensive data plan. Absolutely not true.

Here’s the gotcha though. It is ONLY data. No text. No calling. For me. No biggee. All I want is that data.

Here’s the last great feature that is actually usable because of the giant screen. Split screen for apps. I never used it before but it is amazing.
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iPad Pro. Two thumbs up. Highly recommended.