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Octopi with M3D Printer

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Ended up picking up an M3D printer. They can be had from here. While not nearly as great a resolution as my RepRap printer it is inexpensive, has good quality and has a good community springing up around it.

One of the major complaints about it is not the hardware but rather their software. Currently there are only Mac and Windows versions. There is a way around the software problem though and that is to do the following.

- Install OctoPi on a Raspberry Pi and install the M3D plugin.

As with most things I've found somebody always leaves a step or two out and this will try to correct that.

First of all download Octopi for the Raspberry Pi and follow the directions for getting networking going here. Be sure and follow all their instructions.

Add a Raspberry Pi camera module as well if you really want to make this a cool project.

Now once you are booted up point your browser to


And you should see the screen below. It will ask you to create a password and user name. You should do this because hey, you're running a server with a camera.
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Click the tab on top that says control and you'll see your camera
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Now go to Settings (at the top of any page) and let's make sure we add the M3D plugin. Click the "Get More" button and select if from the list and install it. It is already installed on mine. You'll figure it out.
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Now Octopi is ready for your M3D printer. Now here's another cool plugin to install. One that emails you when you are done with a print. Go through the "Get More" plugins and find and install one called "Email Notifier". Then fill it out like below

Username = YourGmailAccountName
Enable it and add an email address to send to.
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Now comes the part that was tough and was missing a step. Took me forever to figure this out. Log into your pi via SSH like so

ssh yourIPaddress -l pi (i.e. ssh -l pi)

password is raspberry but hopefully you changed that.

Now once in issue these commands:


pip install yagmail

pip install keyrings.alt


yagmail.register('', 'yourpassword')

And now once you finish a print yagmail will email you and let you know. Awesome.

Now here it all is in action in the video below. I printed a spool holder, some guides for the filament to feed into the print head and then show the Raspberry Pi 3 computer with camera and Octopi web based software controlling it.

And you can see my dog always interjects himself into stuff.

Here's the G-Code page which shows movement and progress. Way better than stock software.
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To the left of the G-Code Tab is the Control tab. Go there and hit the down arrow on Calibration and BE SURE TO DO A FULL BED CALIBRATION. Takes 10 minutes. Don't forget.
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And here's a picture of what the rig looks like set up and also a video on the web interface.
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Print quality is pretty great as well although this printer is pretty doggone slow. Below is a mounting device for Kitchen Aid stand mixer attachments.
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