Privoxy on DD-WRT

Privoxy is an ad blocker built into DD-WRT Firmware. The default configuration is fine but the end user is unable to configure changes or make exceptions. This page discusses how to edit.

When first enabling Privoxy under “Services > AdBlocking in DD-WRT the config file is empty.

Once you enable it set your browser proxy. On Mac it is done under “System Preferences > Network > Advanced > Proxies”. Set them to your router address and port 8118. My address is Yours is probably unless you changed it.
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Now in a browser go to then click on “View and change the current configuration”
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All the Action and Filter files say “View Only” which means you can’t change anything. Do the following steps so you can get an edit button.

Go to DD-WRT router page and then go to Administration > Management then scroll down and enable JFFS2 support.
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Now enable SSHd under Services > Services > Secure Shell
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Reboot the router. Now on your computer open a terminal and type

ssh -l root

where is the actual address of your router. Yours may be 192.168,1.1 if you never changed it.

Enter your password and then do this

cd /jffs

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That step was kind of unnecessary but good to double check your JFFS support got added. Now do this

cd /etc/privoxy

then list the contents of the folder

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Now do this to copy those files to /jffs

cp -r /etc/privoxy /jffs

Now in your browser go back to and scroll down a little until you see “The following options were given in the config file”

Highlight and copy all those
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Now open your DD-WRT config and go to “Services > Adblocking” and paste the configuration in the “Custom Configuration” box. Change the “confdir” to /jffs/privoxy and change “Enable Edit Actions” from 0 to 1.
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Now go back to the page and you should see edit buttons.
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Now in the pic above click the edit button for default.action. Scroll down until you find this below.

The top entry you’ll see is

If you have a website you need to “whitelist” like Hulu, just click the add button and type in


That will prevent privoxy from filtering that page which would cause playback problems. Also in my example below I was having issues with
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Yer Doing It!