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Ok…..This started innocently enough.  I’m into short wave radio and saw a website where a guy had a little cloth bag that looked kind of sort of military in style, and looked very durable.  He used the bag for a radio, power brick, antenna, etc.   As I was looking at that picture I kept keying back in on that bag……… I emailed the guy and said “what bag is that”?  Red Oxx was the reply.  So I ordered one of these bags which was called the Lil ‘Roy.


And wow is this thing ever built great!

So I used it for the shortwave radio and then this cute gal around the corner needed something fixed.  So I’m looking and looking for something to carry my tools in and then it hits me.  Lil Roy is a tool carrying machine!



So now I’ve taken my radio gear bag and turned it into a tool carrier!  What to do now?  Why order another Lil Roy of course.   Not only did I order another Lil Roy, by this time I am in love with these Red Oxx bags so I bought an Air Boss carry on suitcase.


I work for the government and I travel A LOT and also travel to field locations which are HARD on suitcases.  For years I have been buying a suitcase every year or two for going on 15 or so years now.  I need a bag that is going to last.



So now I have the Air Boss and a matching Lil Roy


Whoops!  Forgot to mention I ordered the little Travel Tray

That’s my cool dog, Cocoa protecting the Lil Roy and Travel Tray from would be no goodnik Red Oxx stealers.


So now to more efficiently pack the Air Boss I bought the Packing Cube set


The Packing Cubes are a stroke of genius.  I can pack enough stuff in the Air Boss for a 5 day trip and take toys like shortwave radios and other stuff.

If you get a Red Oxx bag. GET THE PACKING CUBES.  You won’t be sorry.


You probably think by this time I’m done, right?  You’d be wrong.  Look behind my dog in the picture above.


That is the Nomad Shaving kit.  Wow it is bigger than I thought as well.  Beautifully made and durable as well with those great zippers.  Face it us guys all use those girly shave kits that we get at Christmas that has the soap and cologne in it with some nose hair tweezers.  Goodbye lame shaving bags.



Okay, nearing the end now………Remember I said I needed a TOUGH bag because I go in the field sometimes?  The Railroad Grip is the ticket.  Now I don’t work for the railroad, never have, never will, but those guys that push and pull train cars around travel a bunch, do dirty work, overnight all the time, and operate in extreme temperatures.  They are the testing ground for travel bag toughness.  So I got the Grip!

Red Oxx Railroad Grip


Hard to tell from my pic but this bag is tough, heavy, and ready for war.

And that’s that.  Wait.  No it isn’t.  I forgot one!


Almost forgot about the Extra Small Aviator Kit Bag (and the Long Hauler Strap)

Don’t let the name fool you.  Nothing Extra Small about this unless you compare it to the other Aviator Kit bags they sell.   I took a 2 night trip to Beaufort SC recently. and drove.  Took a few packing cubes and this thing WAS PERFECT!  Perfect I tells ya.  Beats lugging a suitcase around to the 4th floor.

So, this is my Red Oxx sickness on display.  I actually USE all this stuff too.  Don’t think I’m a collector.  These are the FINEST bags that I’ve stumbled across in my traveling days and I am SICK of dropping $75 to $100 every year or two on a cheap suitcase that very predictably gets beaten up and broken.


So, to summarize

2 – Lil Roys.  One for tools, one for radio gear.

1 – Air Boss.  Carry on for 4 to 5 day trips.  My suitcase is ALWAYS last.

1 – Extra Small Aviator Kit bag (with Long Haul Strap) for those overnight trips in the work truck.

1 – Railroad Grip for working in the field

Nomad Shave Kit

Travel Tray for keeping me organized

Packing cubes for REALLY keeping me organized.

Red Oxx is the real deal!  If you need the best bag on the planet……..go to Red Oxx.


3 thoughts on “Red Oxx Bags

  1. John Farrell

    Hi John, cool bag review.

    One tip I can offer is to buy packing cubes that don’t fit your bag. Instead, it’s better to grab cubes that are slightly smaller so you can fit shoes or other gear around the perimeter of the cubes.

    I run a website that has a list of similar bags at If you like minimalist packing I think you’ll love it.


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