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Harbor Freight Multi Tool

Harbor Freight Multi Tool

Harbor Freight Multitool

Harbor Freight Multi Tool

I am a lover of Multi tools.  For years I have kept various types of Leatherman or Gerber’s nearby.  Currently the most popular Multi tool in the world is the Leatherman Wave+.  I actually own two of those.  Imagine my surprise when the Harbor Freight Multi Tool was released and priced at $39.99!

Can this $40 tool really compare to a $119.95 Wave +?

If so, this is going to be an amazing bargain.  Also, that would make it a perfect addition to your tool bag or center console in your vehicle.

Let’s find out if this thing stacks up to the Wave+.
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Leatherman Style PS

Style PS

I love pocket knives and multi-tools.  My favorites are Swiss Army knives and Leatherman Multi-Tools.   The best multi-tool on the planet pound for pound may be the Leatherman Wave +.  The Leatherman Surge is my second runner up but it is freaking HUGE.

Sometimes you need to go SMALL though. Something that won’t pull your pants down if it is in your pocket or give you one Popeye arm.  Enter the Leatherman Style PS.  It is definitely keychain sized but its claim to fame is that it is travel friendly.  Translation:  There is no knife blade on it.

The P stands for Pliers, and the S stands for Scissors.  But no knife blade.


While I’ve never travelled with this I’d be willing to bet the fine men and women of the TSA would still confiscate this, knife blade or not, because, it is what they do.  It LOOKS like a knife.
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Leatherman Squirt PS4 First Look

Leatherman Squirt PS4

I love multi-tools but sometimes they need to be small.  Sometimes you’re in short pants, dress pants, or just holding a keychain, but you still might have to save the day.  There are only a few multi-tool choices and most of them are Swiss Army knives.  Some Swiss Army knives have pliers on them but they are tiny pliers that pull out of the body of the knife.   It’s tough to get a man grip on something with those things.

Also I need to say I swear no allegiance to any particular manufacturer.  EDC can be very situational.  I carry a Victorinox Classic SD on my keychain which is great for tiny jobs but lacks critical tools like a beer opener!

I really love my Leatherman Surge but it is freakishly huge and this blog is about portability.  It is about those times that you can’t carry the freakishly huge multi-tool.  And that really limits the playing field.  No real man would be caught dead without EDC tools though.

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Leatherman Signal Review

Leatherman Signal

I love Swiss Army knives but I love me a good multi-tool as well.  I have several, from several manufacturers, and since I sometimes go camping I decided to pick up a Leatherman Signal in Cobalt Blue.  In most reviews you’ll see the reviewer discuss in almost identical detail the things that are linked in the manufacturers product page.

Not me.

I’ll just tell you what I like, or don’t like about it.  First of all I have a Leatherman Surge and a Wave Plus.  I’ve had this Signal for a long time and just never got around to reviewing it.

The Surge is awesome, especially with the accessory tools such as the Rachet Driver and by and large the Wave Plus is my favorite of the Leatherman offerings.  I don’t even need to elaborate.  Just get one and you’ll likely agree.

The Signal is a different beast entirely. And I’m not sure if that’s good or bad.   And in fact I’ll cut right to the chase.  The redeeming value this knife possesses for hiking and camping is the Ferrocerium Rod (fire starter) and the hammer for pounding in some tent stakes or likewise.  And even then, the hammer has a small face on it and not a great grip for hammering.

Again, cutting straight to the chase here…………..I’d rather be toting a Wave Plus and some other separate ferro rod for starting fires.
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