Ortur Motherboard Issues – Or Lack Thereof

I have an Ortur Laser Master 2.

I have determined that it is now an essential piece of equipment that must have minimum downtime.

That lead me to purchase a new Laser module and a new Motherboard.  These two items and associated parts are the lions share of the machine.

Ortur seems to be really trying to be open about issues and also seems to have pretty great customer service.  And they’ve done something that I think is remarkable.  They have created a Product Advisories web page.

One of these advisories is about a batch of defective motherboards.  My Ortur Laser Master 2 is working perfectly but I was concerned about my spare board that I just received.  They specifically said if your board failed some previous tests to look for the markings OLM-MAX-V10

Ortur Product Advisory

And then they said if it had that marking to take a picture of the board and send it to them.

Here is where I back my story up a bit.  A week or so ago I wrote a blog about the importance of buying spares or a spare machine if you determined, as I did, that your machine was mission critical.   Just prior to that I made an observation that the fact that the mainboard was out in the open that it caught soot and I recommended that Ortur place a conformal coating on that board or enclose it somehow or another.  I didn’t actually submit this recommendation directly to Ortur but must made a post on their Official Facebook Group.   So I’ve no clue if anyone has seen it or not.

Okay…….back to it.  Just wanted to give some backstory.  So I disassemble the new mainboard I purchased from Aliexpress and sure enough it is marked OLM-MAX-V10.

It is at this point I decide I had better install this board and test it so I can send it back if need be.   Also I felt that the board installed in the machine currently had caught enough soot and smoke that it needed cleaning.

After installing the new mainboard, the machine recognized it and I then worked through their voltage test and then burned the test image they provided.

Ortur Motherboard Test Burn

The burn test was a success.

When taking apart my old board assembly for cleaning I noticed it was also marked OLM-MAX-V10.  Then it hit me like a ton of bricks.   They want a picture because there is probably a hardware configuration difference on the bad boards and they can confirm it is the problematic hardware.

Also the new, spare board came with firmware OLF 140 flashed on it already.  If there is a point to this blog it is that I think you can have all confidence from ordering a spare board from the Aliexpress store.

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