CNC Improvements

I bought a small CNC in maybe December of 2021, and in a month or so later I bought a proper CNC machine.  Basically, I knew nothing about woodworking or CNC operations.  But I taught myself.  One small lesson at a time.  Since I’m retired and in no hurry I decided to tackle skills one at a time.

So here I am just a few months later and while there is still lots to learn………….I’m cranking out beautiful pieces of woodworking.  A couple of which have impressed my own self.

Probably the first Maker Machine I ever bought was a vinyl sign machine.  I learned quickly that it isn’t only the ability to successfully make something it also includes the ability to NOT WASTE MATERIAL.  Maximizing your stock is vital in becoming a skilled artisan.  Here’s the most recent things that I made, and I have to say, to me, it is beautiful

CNC Sushi Tray

It actually is a simple make. There are two bits used and three operations.

First a 1/4″ Upcut bit is used to rough clear the material.

Then it is followed up by a tiny 1/16″ bit that carves the details.

Then finally you put the 1/4″ bit back in to do a profile cut around the outside of the tray.   Do some sanding and then oiling and you are left with basically a piece of artwork.

I don’t want to get into the weeds too much but suffice to say I’m proud of my progress.  Below are a few more things I’ve made recently.

CNC Items (click pics to enlarge)

And yes, I made a dick.  Sue me.

Really nothing I made was terribly complicated but only took patient skills.  Translation:  Take your time, and anticipate problems and stupid mistakes.   And yes, you will make a stupid mistake.  Made one today but I was able to recover from it.

In just a few months I’ve progressed leaps and bounds.  Don’t underestimate the effect that good quality wood provides as well. Fortunately for me I have an exotic wood wholesale place over in the next county.

With time, effort, patience, and study you can absolutely crank out beautiful results.

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