Leatherman Style PS

Style PS

I love pocket knives and multi-tools.  My favorites are Swiss Army knives and Leatherman Multi-Tools.   The best multi-tool on the planet pound for pound may be the Leatherman Wave +.  The Leatherman Surge is my second runner up but it is freaking HUGE.

Sometimes you need to go SMALL though. Something that won’t pull your pants down if it is in your pocket or give you one Popeye arm.  Enter the Leatherman Style PS.  It is definitely keychain sized but its claim to fame is that it is travel friendly.  Translation:  There is no knife blade on it.

The P stands for Pliers, and the S stands for Scissors.  But no knife blade.


While I’ve never travelled with this I’d be willing to bet the fine men and women of the TSA would still confiscate this, knife blade or not, because, it is what they do.  It LOOKS like a knife.

While I like the looks of this I’m not sure I’ll ever snap this on a keyring.  99% of the time when I reach for a multi-tool, it is the knife blade I’m looking for.  Scissors next, and then pliers.  It might, however, make a nice stocking stuffing for someone.

So to be clear, this is really only good to go for air travel, and again that’s if you can talk the TSA into NOT confiscating it.  I’ve never come out on top of a discussion with a TSA agent and I’ve been around the world at least twice.

Here are some pics of the tool mix and the only thing I didn’t catch were the tweezers.

Leatherman Style PS (click pics to enlarge)

I don’t have much to say about this multi-tool.  It’s the right size but with no blade I can’t really recommend it.  But, hey, it can open a beer so that could potentially save the day (or night).


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