USB Data Blocker

USB Data Blocker

Road Warrior Pro Tip

How many of you will charge your phone in any provided USB jack?  In the airport?  Rental cars? In a hotel or coffee shop?  Plugging your phone, that has your personal data in it, into unknown sources is a security risk.  You NEED a USB Data Blocker.

Let’s use your car as an example.  Your car has a USB port more than likely.  If you plug into it the stereo head unit in it KNOWS you plugged it in and will proudly display the song you are playing or will offer to sync with your phone.  You know, for your convenience .  If it is your own car that is fine.  If it is a rental car, that’s not so fine.

Here is how it works.  The charging cable you stuck in your laptop bag or purse has 4 wires inside of it.

  • Vcc Power
  • Data +
  • Data –
  • Ground

Those two data wires will move your data whether you like it or not if the device on the other end asks for it.  Enter the USB Data Blocker.

Block That Kick, Block That Kick

A data blocker is really quite simple.  It is a small hardware device that only has USB pins 1 (power) and 4 (ground) connected.  There are no data pin connections.  Using this device will ONLY charge your phone.

USB Data Blocker

Data Blocker Wiring

While I don’t recommend any particular device, I found these on Amazon which seem fairly priced at $10 for 4 of them.  And right now they are 5% off.

USB Data Blocker


Wrapping It Up

There is not a lot to say about these devices.  And you should admit to yourself that in a pinch you’ll plug your phone into any outlet to get a charge when it is dying.  Don’t expose your data unnecessarily.  Protect yourself and your phone and don’t forget that data can flow in 2 directions.  You may not just be giving…………you may also be receiving malware or something else you don’t want.

Be smart.  Block your data.

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