Algolaser Alpha MK2 Laser Engraver Review

Algolaser Alpha MK2 Laser Engraver Review

Algolaser Alpha MK2

Algolaser Alpha MK2

Around July of 2023 a new startup laser company, Algolaser provided me their first offering.  The machine was the  Algolaser Alpha which I subsequently reviewed here.  Algolaser, while technically a new brand, was founded by the originator of Ortur Laser.   Ortur was pretty much the first commercial seller of desktop diode laser engravers starting sales around 2019.  Graciously, they have just provided me one of their pre-release machines, the Algolaser Alpha MK2 ($749) to shake down.  The price for the month of June will be $649-$699.

Currently, my readers are also provided a mid year sale coupon code for the month of June for an additional $20 off.  The code is YTB$20 and it can be applied during check out. 

While the machines look very similar, the Alpha MK2 is slightly longer and contains a very nice touch screen on the front console.

Algolaser Alpha MK2

MK2 Touch Screen

And without getting too much into the weeds yet let’s just say that the Alpha MK2 is a much smarter machine with a lot more features. The MK2 runs on embedded software that they refer to as Algo Operating System (AOG).  Power remains the same across both models at 22 watts.  That being said, the laser modules differ somewhat between the Alpha and the Alpha MK2.

Algolaser Alpha MK2 First Test

As with every laser I test I always engrave some simple text and see what happens.  Should the machine explode I’ll post the results.  Should it work great……I’ll post the results.  You’ll see what I see.   My initial test of the Alpha MK2 went very well.

Engraving With No External Connection

One of the coolest features of the Alpha MK2 is that you can engrave by adding a gcode file to either the internal SD card or by plugging a USB drive into the port on the left hand side of the machine.

At first I wondered about the efficacy of doing that and then it hit me like a ton of bricks.   If you look at the first picture on this blog you’ll see that I have a laser station table built in my wood shop.  It gets pretty dusty and dirty in there and I do not like leaving a laptop in there while I am working.  Any laser sitting on that table is likely to perform one major function.  And that is the application of my Makers Mark on wooden items.

I can put the gcode file (actually several of various sizes) on a USB stick and apply that engraving without having a computer in the shop.  Initially I didn’t think this feature would be beneficial, however I have re-evaluated my position and decided that this is a killer feature.  Here is how to do it.

SD Card (Virtual USB Disk)

Access to the internal SD card is done by enabling the Virtual USB Disk in the Algo Operating System under SETTINGS.   The Algolaser video below demonstrates.

Algolaser Alpha MK2 Notable Features

Laser Output Power

Most notably the Alpha MK2 has the same laser output power as the original Alpha.

Algolaser Alpha MK2 Laser Module (click pic to enlarge)

On various message boards you’ll see complaints about both Alpha versions having the same power rating.  None of those comments will be from me although I do have some comments regarding the laser modules.  The older Alpha module had a built in focus mechanism and a magnetic removable shield on the bottom of the module.

1st Generation Alpha Laser Module (click pic to enlarge)

The new MK2 module uses a focus block and has no removable shield.   That makes it a little trickier to align items under the laser in my opinion.   I’m not sure why they went in that direction, but the removable shield at least might be a safety concern for receiving a certain certification in some locales maybe.  I’m not entirely sure.

The laser spot size is relatively small and is advertised as being 0.15 x 0.12mm.   Engraving speed is a very respectable 20,000 mm/min. 

Larger Working Area

The Alpha MK2 has a slightly larger working area of 400x410mm.  Also the main board is protected from dust and other contaminants by being enclosed.

Job Recovery

The MK2 also has a recovery feature should you lose power during engraving operations.  That is a really sweet feature and one not found in many laser engraving machines.  To be fair, the software Lightburn also has a “Start From Here” feature in the job preview pane.


The assembly process is really easy and mostly consists of putting 3 screws in each corner of the frame.   I did realize one minor issue during my first power up and test.  The machine was not making full contact with the end stop for Y axis movement.  I ended up loosening the screws on the switch and putting some pressure in the correct direction and retightening.  That did the trick.   The video below demonstrates the issue and solution.

After discussing the issue with Algolaser they sent me this video with a recommended solution to that problem.  Their way is probably better than my way!


My laser came with a 400x400mm honeycomb piece with a piece of aluminum to place beneath it.  I love it when additional accessories are included, and a honeycomb panel is one of the most useful accessories that you can get.


The Alpha MK2 kit came with a set of 4 riser legs.  Almost everyone else sells a riser system as an accessory.  Another really nice added bonus.  To install the riser legs you have to unscrew the rubber feet already on the laser.  If you choose to mount your laser directly on a spoil board without the risers I found and 3D printed these securing feet from Thingiverse.

Mounting systems

If you choose to utilize the 3D printed mounts with the laser rubber non-slip feet, you could then burn a grid onto the spoil board.  Grids are awesome for keeping items aligned correctly.

Additional Testing

Usually I have a standard battery of tests that I perform on lasers but I jumped right into the deep end of the pond.  I got some Duets By Gemini micro surfaced acrylic sheet which is brushed aluminum on top and black on the lower layer.   Engraving it exposes the black and makes for very professional looking plaques for recognition or awards or nameplates.

Since I’ve never used this material on a diode laser I took a wild guess at the settings and made a sign.   It turned out amazing, in my opinion.  This material is a little tricky in that too little power won’t get through cleanly, and too much power will cut right through the  material.

It turned out AMAZING!  If you do use this material make sure to engrave it outdoors or in an enclosure with a huge exhaust fan.

Acrylic Signage On Alpha MK2 (click pic to enlarge)

Very professional looking.

Should You Buy One?

Yep.  This is a lot of laser for $749.  It has good power, good speed, and great accuracy.  The frame is sturdy and comes with that awesome touch screen that allows you to engrave with gcode files without being hooked up to a computer or wifi.   Couple that with the fact that while working offline the machine can recover from a power loss and pick right up where it left off.  That’s amazing.

I haven’t had a need to contact support (other than to ask questions pertinent to my reviews) but I do know the Support Lead came from Ortur when the company split and he was very well thought of in that community.  I have a great deal of confidence that Algolaser Support will be top notch.

The only thing I wish were different was that the laser module had a built in focus bar and a removable magnetic shield.  Other than that everything about the machine is great.

If you are on the fence about ordering the Algolaser Alpha MK2, you can take it from me that it is a good purchase.




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