Astron SS-25M Power Supply Minor Repair

Astron SS-25M Power Supply Minor Repair

Astron SS-25M Power Supply

Astron SS-25M Power Supply

I’m an Amateur Radio operator and have all manner of short wave radios.  Most of these radios require an external power supply to function.  Generally, the voltage requirement is around 13.8 volts DC.   Additionally, some of these power supplies can be pretty pricey.  This quick entry will be about a score I made recently on Facebook Marketplace.  I picked up an Astron SS-25M Power Supply for almost nothing.

Did I get a deal, or did I get taken to the cleaners?  Let’s find out.

When I saw the ad I didn’t hesitate.  I knew even if it were not functional that I could fix it.  So I took a chance.  When I received it, I quickly powered it up and noticed the output power was rock solid at 13.8 volts.  Sweet.

The On/Off Switch LED was flickering and that could be anything from the lamp in the switch itself to a current problem.  But the output power was solid so I figured it was the lamp.

Then I tried to install it and that’s why I realized I was able to score it for so cheap.

Output Connectors

The Astron power supplies have a nasty reputation for having awful output connectors.

Astron SS-25M Power Supply

Cheap Output Terminals

The ground terminal (black) on my power supply had a stripped screw and it was impossible to tighten the wire in the connector.  I knew I could 3D print some blocks and make perfectly acceptable terminal connectors however, after digging I found that Astron sells virtually every replacement part for this power supply.

The output connectors were a whopping $4.25.   While I was in there I bought a power switch as well for $7.25.  I could have sourced the same switch for cheaper at Mouser or Digikey probably.

I didn’t need a positive (red) connector but I bought one anyway.


After changing the output terminals and LED power switch the Astron SS-25M is just like brand new.

If you can fix it yourself, don’t be scared to take a chance on inexpensive gear on eBay or Facebook Marketplace.   I really did good here and I desperately needed a new power supply for  a Ham Radio installation in my shack.   I was looking at a power supply that cost almost $250 when I found this gem.

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