BattleBorn Batteries LiFePO4 Settings on Epever MPPT Charge Controller

BattleBorn LiFePO4 Battery

I took the $1000 plunge and got a BattleBorn 100 amp hour battery.  I know it sounds crazy but there is literally NO COMPARISON between this battery and a Flooded Lead Acid battery (my first solar battery) or an AGM Deep Cycle Battery (my second solar battery).

The BattleBorn Battery wins in EVERY single metric except maybe for cost.

It charges like lightning, stays charged, and uses power way more efficiently and lasts longer than the other two batteries I mentioned above.


If you have a solar storage system of any kind you will benefit from this battery.  I guarantee it.  The biggest advantage is in depth of discharge (DOD).  That means you can use the battery near death and it won’t damage it.   Take a lead acid battery and use it below 50% of charge and you’ll damage it.

My charge controller is an Epever 20 amp Tracer BN 2215 MPPT.  It does NOT have a Lithium Iron Phosphate setting but it does have a configurable USER mode.   If you set the parameters manually you’ll have a perfect setup for maintaining your $1000 battery.

Here are the settings:

  • Battery Type = USER
  • Temp Compensation Coefficient = 0
  • Charge Limit = 14.6
  • Float Charge = 13.6
  • Equalize Time = 0

That’s it.  These settings were provided by BattleBorn Batteries specific to the Epever MPPT Tracer Charge Controllers.

BattleBorn LiFePO4 Battery in my system

Also Battleborn provided me a Depth of Discharge charge which I thought was pretty cool.

BattleBorn Batteries Depth of Discharge Chart for LiFePO4 battery (100 ah)

6 thoughts on “BattleBorn Batteries LiFePO4 Settings on Epever MPPT Charge Controller

  1. Mark C.

    Great info. My question is; do you know if I HAVE to use the MT50 to set up the “USER” for the battery, or can I use the front panel interface? If so, can you describe the procedure. When I set it in the USER mode, I cannot find a way to set the parameters and it stops charging my SLA battery. Thanks in advance for any info.

  2. Bob

    Thanks, I have the same charge controller in my Vanagon, been running great for several years of hard use. Just got a lithium battery and did’t want to have to buy a new controller when this one has worked so well ( I spend about 3 months a year living in the van traveling, so it gets used).

  3. phil

    I tried these parameters and i kept getting error messages. I tried changing 1 thing at a time and saving but still get parameter errors. I tried changing the setting in a reverse order and still got error messages. i then tried watching where the errors occurred and by passed them, saved the settings that it would accept and went back to the stubborn settings and still got errors… Are you sure theses settings are correct?

  4. Michael Dockins

    I have a similar controller but 40A. With double 200AH LiFePo4 Amperetime batteries in series (24v). These must be programmed in user mode, but the documentation I have does not have specific values for this type of battery in this mode. Like Phil, I tried changing some of these values and the controller rejected them. When I found this post I tried these values and they were accepted. Now I have two of the twelve voltage related values. Can anyone help me with the other 10 values?


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