Best SHTF Gear Ever

Well it happened.  The Shit Hit The Fan.  How’d you make out?

Here is the best gear to help you through the next one.

Casio Rangeman

Best Wristwatch.  I have a LOT of watches.  This is NOT my favorite watch but it is my favorite SHTF watch.  Casio Rangeman GW9400-1.

This watch is a military favorite.  It has a solar battery that lasts forever and has Multi-Band 6 which syncs with Long Wave Radio stations to keep time with the Atomic Clock.

There are 6 locations worldwide, hence the name Multi-Band 6.

This watch is double tough, legible and can take a beating.


More gear:

RedOxx Railroad Grip

Best getaway bag.  RedOxx Railroad Grip.

Need a bag that won’t rip, tear or puncture?  Lots of space,  Super strong zippers, and lots of pockets.

Made of ballistic nylon. You are not going to screw up this bag no matter how hard you try.



Westinghouse WGen9500

Best gasoline Generator.  Westinghouse WGen9500.

I don’t know how big your house is but this powers my entire home to include AIR CONDITIONING.  A tank of gas (about 6.6 gallons) will run for 12-13 hours.  9500 watts of sheer unadulterated power.

30 gallons of gas will get you through several days of SHTF.

This is the best portable gasoline generator on the planet, bar none. Automatic start and choke from a keyFob.  What’s not to love?


Victorinox Cybertool M

Best Swiss Army knife.  Cybertool M.

There are an awful lot of Victorinox Swiss Army knives out there.  More configurations than you can shake a Coronavirus at.

But this one has all the stuff that you NEED to function for a day to day SHTF scenario.

Pliers, Scissors and a driver with bits are the most prominent features that I rely on to keep things fixed when I could be away from a proper mix of tools.

Honorable mention to Victorinox Soldier if you need to cut down trees and stuff.



Augason Farms Food Buckets



Best Emergency Food.  Augason Farms.

It could come to this. For 25 year food I find the Augason Farm stuff to be pretty doggone good.  You may never have to eat it but by golly you’ll sleep easier knowing that there are several of these buckets in the pantry.

Supplement these with beans, pasta, rice, flour, and canned foods and you’ll stay afloat long enough to figure out your next move.



Jackery Explorer 1000

Best portable power station.  Jackery Explorer 1000.   Grid goes down you’re going to want to be able to charge devices such as cell phones, laptops, radios, etc.

With one of these guys you can also run a coffee pot or a hair dryer, or power tools or even small appliances such a mini refrigerators.

They aren’t cheap but you won’t mind what they cost when the power goes out.


Be sure to get a solar panel to re-charge it.  This is the Jackery SolarSaga 100 watt solar panel.  There are cheaper ways to recharge the Jackery Power Stations but this is their system.

SolarSaga 100 connected to Anderson input


Olight Warrior X

Best flashlight.  Olight Warrior X.

Need to throw a beam a football field away?  Look no further.  They have an updated version of this now however I like the original version.

Awesome tactical light.


XHData D-808


Best radio.  XHData D-808

This is subjective.  There are great radios out there for a premium price.

This is a good radio, at a fair price and it does everything.  AM, FM, ShortWave, Air Band, Single Side Band.




Yeah, I might throw something else in the bug out bag that had weather band but for the most part this will keep you up to speed in an emergency.


There’s lots of other stuff you need but this list should get you started.   I think we all know we need toilet paper, soap, hand sanitizer, a freezer full of meat…………all the stuff that is hard to get during this coronavirus scare.   Bet you’ll have all that stuff next time.  Be prepared.  Take this time to think about what you REALLY NEED to keep your head above water.

2 thoughts on “Best SHTF Gear Ever

  1. Roger

    Thanks – good info. I might have to get a XHData D-808. I need one like I need a hole in the head, but that has never stopped me before.

  2. Jamie Lang

    I’m 70, single, retired, live alone except for my Lab Sassy. I live just north of New Orleans. When Katrina hit, I was sort of semi-prepared. I had a small generator and enough gas for a week, some canned food. Well, that wasn’t nearly enough for that disaster. I went for a month without any electricity. Some people don’t learn from their mistakes, but I darn sure did. I’m more of a prepper lite. I don’t go digging a bomb shelter and tunnels, have M-16, AK-74s, and all manner of firepower, even though I’m a USMC Vietnam vet. My trusty 12 gauge and a case of 00 buckshot are more than I will ever need. Now jump forward to this Covid disaster. At the start, I had enough food put away in mylar bags to last me for two years. Also an unbelievable amount of medical gear, NBC gas mask, and a dozen filters, 50 N95 mask NBC coveralls, 100-gallon gas, a 5000-watt generator, a 1500 watt backup gen, and a 1000 watt inverter gen for my tv’s, desktop, and laptop PCs. 300 gallons water and 25 pounds of pool shock (Calcium Hypochlorite) to make my bleach. I have two foldable 100-watt solar cells but no way to store the power. I used to do a lot of camping, not so much now at 70, so I have all manner of camping equipment that doubles nicely as survival gear. My next project is to get a decent lithium battery and solar cells.
    It is hard to trust any other reviews of equipment because I just know most of them are getting something in return for giving good reviews of some company’s gear. Your reviews are straight up, simple to understand, and no BS.
    Thanks to you John, I am now armed with the knowledge I need to purchase the solar gear I need.


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