Label Maker Go Kit

Anyone can buy a label maker kit, I tossed one together on the fly that I think is fairly slick with a lot of capabilities.

Inventory consists of:

  • Hard Side Carry Case – This is actually for a Jackery Portable Power Station but it works nicely.
  • Brother PT-D210 – Label Maker
  • Brother Embellish – You could actually only use the Embellish.  I just had a PT-D210 laying around.  The Embellish is special because it allows you to print on ribbon material.
  • AC Adapter– Don’t buy the “official” Brother one.  It is too expensive.  Get this one.  $9 and it works with both label printers.
  • 6 – AAA Batteries.  Only for no power situations.  Both machines EAT BATTERIES.  Also I 3D printed a battery holder for an Altoids tin.  Cool!
  • Your favorite Tapes or Ribbons as needed.  The case will hold maybe 3-5 tapes not counting the ones you can carry inside the label makers.

This is what it looks like.  The first pic shows one label maker and the Altoids battery tin open for viewing.  The 2nd pic shows both label makers in the case with the Altoids tin stashed next to some ribbon cartridges.

Brother Label Maker Go Kit (click to enlarge pics)

This kit is different from my other label maker kits which are basically industrial type label makers for work and electrical hobby projects.  This is more of a crafty label maker kit and it is highly likely that I’ll drag it around to my girlfriends house and her family as they do crafty gift making stuff.

No major discussion on this blog entry, just showing a very versatile and useful kit that I threw together for crafting.

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