My Favorite Swiss Army Knife

Wow!  What a loaded subject line.   Especially since I easily have about 75 Swiss Army knives.   And I love them all.  However some stand out, and particularly one stands out.

First of all lets stroll down memory lane, shall we?  The Swiss Army knife was first made in 1891 with roots back to about 1884.  That is quite a lineage.

Victorinox 1891 Soldier

Victorinox 1891 Soldier

Oddly enough it doesn’t look that much different than what we carry today.  Isn’t it amazing that the origins of a useful pocket took have remained true to form for so long?

Fast forward over 100 years and there are so many variants of the original Swiss Army knife it isn’t funny.  But which one is best?  That answer is really personal and decided by the person who carries the knife but for me I know which one.  Or which two.  Or which three.

For years as a poor boy who couldn’t scrape together $75 or $100 to spare, I lusted after the venerable Swiss Champ.

Swiss Champ Full Tool Display

Swiss Champ

Until one day I got one.  And to this day I still have it, and I still carry it occasionally.  But over the years things get refined.  You learn the tools that you ACTUALLY USE and you realize the Swiss Champ is a heft that you don’t always want to carry around.  But you do still keep it around.

How about those nights you go out on the town or visit a friends house and it is possible, just possible, they ask you to look at something because they know you are a fix-it whiz.  It happens to me all the time.  In my pocket is a secret Victorinox weapon now……..The Deluxe Tinker.

Deluxe Tinker

This has the things I use, and doesn’t really have any of the things I don’t use.  Biggest on the list for me is the pliers and the scissors.  Right after that my Swiss Army knife is my beer bottle opener of choice.  Always.  If you’re going to have a good beer, why not open it with the best tool?

Also, you’d be surprised how many times I use the can opener.  Yeah, I know it is 2021 and yeah I know they have electric ones.  Hey, I’m old school.

Tweezers are a must, as is a tooth pick.  I outfitted this knife with red accessories.  Nice touch.  I’m glad it has a proper Phillips screwdriver and while I don’t often use an awl, they are kinda handy when you need one.  Case in point.  I’m on a diet, and lost 60 lbs.  Guess how I got more holes in my belt?

The parcel hook is an anomaly, but I use it.  The only thing I wish it had was a wood saw, but you know what?  I never actually use the wood saw and if I was hiking in the woods I’d likely carry the Swiss Champ or a 111mm pocket knife with that big saw and serrated blade.

Okay this wasn’t all inclusive, but it didn’t need to be.  My favorite Swiss Army knife is the Deluxe Tinker (for my needs).

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