Acer Aspire 5 KMODE Exception Not Handled

This blog is mostly for me to remember what I did to fix the Blue Screen Of Death (BSOD) problem with my new laptop.

First of all I HATE Windows with every fiber of my being.   However, I have a CNC machine and the best design software in the world comes from Vectric which is Windows only.  So I bought a cheap laptop.  An Acer Aspire 5 A514-54-501Z from Walmart.  Not sure when it happened, but probably after an update or installation of some program but I started getting the dreaded BSOD with only a KMODE Exception Not Handled.  The computer would boot loop with the BSOD every time but if I did a hard shutdown and restart it would boot however, then it would start without Wifi Drivers.  The next reboot would clear it up.

That’s too much frustration.  Googling the KMODE error basically just said “It”s probably a driver issue” with no more details.  Since it seemed the Wifi driver wasn’t getting loaded after a BSOD I guessed it was that one.   I did a Search For New Driver in Device Manager and it said I had the latest.   Yeah.  Not true.  Seems there was a new Wifi Driver put up about 2 weeks ago.  Probably for the BSOD issue.  My device showed as this in the Device Manager

Wireless LAN Driver (MT7921)

Acer WiFi Driver

And since I updated it I have not had any more issues.  So if you have one of these Acer Aspire 5’s Windows Update doesn’t fix this and neither does the Acer Care app pick up on a newer driver.  You gotta go old school on this driver issue.

Anyway, I did the hard detective work on this one so you don’t have to.

7 thoughts on “Acer Aspire 5 KMODE Exception Not Handled

  1. Me

    I always had the Blue Screen loop when restarting the pc, following what you did actually seems to have fixed it, thanks !

    Laptop model: Acer Aspire A514-54G

      1. John Hagensieker Post author

        From the readme.txt file in the driver package:

        “Please run the file “Install.cmd” as administrator:
        In File Explorer, select the file “Install.cmd” and right-click on it.
        Then choose “Run as Administrator” in pop-up menu to install the driver.
        After the driver installation finished, restart system.”

  2. anonymous 90

    Bro, seriously, I’m gonna cry. I cannot thank you enough. We had the same laptops, suffered the same issue, but I don’t have the idea on how to fix that goddamn kmode exception not handled. Luckily, you came and saved me man. Seriously, thank you.

    I hope we can keep in touch somehow, so if I suffer laptop malfunction just like this one, I can contact you and ask for your assistance, if possible, since we had the same laptops (Acer Aspire A514-54).

    Sorry for being emotional. I was really panicking about this issue. I thought of just resetting the whole laptop to its factory settings, but luckily, I found this site. Thanks a lot and stay safe!

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  4. Roger Green

    I had the same problem of blue screen only on restart with a new Acer Aspire 5 A515-45, the Ryzen 7 model, and upgrading MediaTek driver from version to worked for me.

    I had loaded the Windows 11 Installation Media onto USB and reinstalled. That seemed to work at first, but after some background updates the problem reappeared.

    Not absolutely sure which update messed it up. If it was the Insyde Software – Firmware as some suggest, then I have version


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