Monport Fiber Laser Update

Monport Fiber Laser Update

A couple of months ago I received a Monport Fiber Laser (30 watt Raycus). I just wanted to add a little non-technical discussion regarding this machine to my blog.

Probably about 20 years ago i bought a vinyl sign machine and intended to get rich using it.  It never happened.  Then came 3D printers.  No fame and fortune here either.  Then I bought my first laser, a Chinese K40.  Didn’t make any money here either.  I’ve always run a side hustle and occasionally made some lunch money but never really lit my financial world on fire.

Then came the Monport Fiber laser………….I’ve only had it a couple of months and it is already nearly paid for.   Oddly enough I’m making my payback at about $10 to $15 a pop on mostly RFID wallets and business cards.   I don’t advertise, other than posts on Facebook Marketplace, and through word of mouth.  Here’s an example:

Monport Fiber Laser

RFID Wallets

All these years I’ve been trying to kill it with gigantic vinyl signs, and laser engraving widgets such as pencils and pens.

Don’t get me wrong.  There is lunch money to be made there as well but nothing is turning a profit for me more than these wallets.

I’m inclined to keep my wallet source hush, hush although anybody looking can find multiple sources for these things.

A few Patriotic designs which only take a minute or two to produce and it is one $10 bill after the other.  In fact, I’ve flipped enough of these wallets that I RAISED THE PRICE.

Lights, Camera, Action

Here’s a video of just how long it takes to make a wallet.  It should be noted that I take much longer than is actually necessary because I really like the design to POP.

I really don’t have much else to add in this blog entry other than to say my investment is really paying off here.  It’s hard to find a niche.  So hard that it took me 20 years to do it.   I’ve also been taking on Custom Designs and for that I charge an extra $25 set up fee just to mess with the graphics images some customers supply.  Some provided images just are not that great and need tweaked.

Start Your Side Hustle

If you want some of this action, go to my Monport Affiliate link  or use the Coupon Code John10 at checkout to receive a 10% off discount.

Have fun with your side hustle and I hope for prosperity in your side hustle endeavor.

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